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Fortaleza Nightlife pirata fortaleza

Fortaleza boasts a lively nightlife with numerous bars, discos and live music venues. A distinctive feature of its nighlife is that some clubs are only open one night per week, so be careful to go on the right day.

Pirata Bar

Very famous thanks to a New York Times article which defined it the wildest Monday night in Latin America, the Pirata offers a nice Brazilian music show to a numerous crowd dancing in front of the stage. A quieter area is devoted to an open air bar and restaurant. The Pirata is located in Praia de Iracema and is open only on Mondays.


The largest club in Fortaleza consists of 3 different halls offering live music and of two open air bars. It's open on Fridays plus for some special nights, for more information about its weekly programme: is also located in the area of Praia de Iracema.


Another large and popular club that opened in 2010 opposite Mucuripe.

Arre Egua

Located in the Varjota district, Arre Egua offers excellent live music (MPB - Musica Popular Brasileira, samba and forrò) on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. For information about its weekly programme:


Situata di fronte al centro culturale Dragao do Mar, in Praia de Iracema, questa discoteca offre musica dal vivo dal giovedì alla domenica, con generi che vanno dal rock al samba rock. Frequentazione giovane e alternativa per questo locale molto piacevole.

Facing Dragão do Mar Cultural Centre, in Praia de Iracema, this club offers live music from Thursday to Sunday, with genres ranging from rock to samba rock. This is a very pleasant venue attended by a young and "alternative" crowd.

Chopp da Bichiga

Il centro culturale Dragao do Mar, nella zona di Praia de Iracema, ospita numerosi piacevoli bar all'aperto, molto frequentati soprattutto nel fine settimana. Il Chopp da Bichiga è uno di questi bar ed offre musica dal vivo tutte le sere.

Dragao do Mar cultural center, located in the Praia de Iracema area, hosts a number of pleasant open air bars, which are very popular especially on weekends. The Chopp da Bichiga is one of them and offers live music every night of the week.

pirataCroco Beach

Lo stabilimento balneare (che in Brasile si chiama Barraca) di Croco Beach, a Praia do Futuro, è uno dei luoghi più frequentati il giovedì sera quando offre musica dal vivo. Sempre il giovedì e sempre a Praia de Futuro sono popolari anche le serate di Chico do Caranguejo.

Croco Beach, in Praia do Futuro, is one of the most popular venues on Thursday nights when it offers live music. Also on Thursdays, and in Praia do Futuro, Chico do Caranguejo nights are popular as well.


Boteco is a very lively and popular bar located on the Rua Antonio Sales, which offers live music every night from 20 until 1am. It is also possible to eat here a kind of Brazilian tapas.


Near Boteco, also in Rua Antonio Sales, is situated another popular bar, Engaraffamento, particularly attended from Thursday to Sunday.


The forrò is the most typical dance of the north east of Brazil and it is particularly popular also in Fortaleza . To go and see Brazilians dance it and maybe try to dance it yourself, you can go to Cucucaia and Curral do Boi in Fortaleza city centre, while 40 km from Fortaleza is the huge complex of Forrò nu Sitio opened on Saturday nights.

Siarà Hall

The Siarà Hall hosts concerts and performances by some of the most important Brazilian artists, you can check their weekly programme at:

Theatro Josè de Alencar

The historical Jose de Alencar Theatre, located in the historic center of Fortaleza, offers a rich programme of concerts and shows.




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